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                                          All of our dogs are now registered with AKC, AKC-FSS, or NKC & EJRTCA eligible.


* We are licensed by the City of Norman, and approved by the State of Oklahoma *

* and we have been inspected and PASSED by AKC *



  before agreeing to purchase a puppy. 



~ ~ ** As of July 1st, 2016 "PET PUPPY" registrations/pedigrees will not be handed out

until proof of spay/neuter paperwork is provided, and verification from the vet is allowed. ** ~ ~


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 We are a small breeder of short legged Jack Russell Terriers now recognized by AKC as Russell Terriers. We also breed shorties, puddins and pocket babies. We are located in Norman Oklahoma on 20 acres that is set up with a number of 40 X 30 pens, two 20 X 30 puppy pens, a transition area, a one acre play yard with tunnels, a swimming pond & climbing objects and a climate controlled "Dog Shed" for sleeping.


Our Russells are our children and they are in and out of the house daily. We feed them Blue Buffalo, 4 Health & Loyall the best dog foods available at Pet Smart, PetCo and Tractor Supply. Also we give them NuVet vitamins. We love our "kids" and will do whatever it takes to keep them healthy and strong physically and mentally.

Sadie beach2

Our dogs are very use to affection and being part of our lives. Whenever possible we take them for walks on a leash and rides in the car. They know which business' hand out doggy treats and which ones don't. They love going into Pet Smart, Lowes and the farm stores. Some lucky "kiddos" even get to go to family holiday dinners and on vacations with us.



Shorty_Pants_sitting-d-size_2-26-11               balloon_hearts                                                                                                                        

Miss Shorty Pants, born right here at Jubilee Jacks, has made her debut in the children's series


You can see prewiews at www.weloveabby.com

Unfortunately Shorty Pants passed away after her 1st film in 2013.

Rest in Peace sweet Shorty Pants...  


~ We HIGHLY RECOMMEND this treatment ~

Molly gets treatment after a pelvic fracture   Molly_treatment-a_2-9-15   Holly_Jones_card_2-9-15



This tiny boy was born with a weak back leg  

(we think it got pinched while in utero) I took him to  

 canine physical therapy for 3 visits and he was running and  

jumping by the time he went to his new family! Needless to say... .

he was very special to me!!  


Our STUD Muffin, CRUISER, is a model!!! Credit goes to Chrystal Rackley          

at Chrystal's Little Treasure's, www.califormiarussells.com                                                                                             


 Cruiser_Hills_Rx_diet_treats_3-11-13images-8trumpets   8-25-16... Rest in Peace Lil' Buddy!!!!                                                                       10-1-16... I miss you every day!!!   


Some of our puppies have participated in the Bio Sensor program which develops a more calm and thoughtful reaction to situations.
We breed Jack Russells for the sole purpose of being someone's best friend and forever companion; while doing our very best to maintain the quality of the breed standards.
Please... take a look through the web site and contact us with questions.

God Bless,                   

Sue & Kelvin Tritten         




                                                  Future Love: Jesse           Teresa Skaggs w/ 2 Jubilee pups     Lost Love: Cruiser

                                                                                         ~Dreamer & Dory~


  We NO LONGER do business on SUNDAYS

it is our day to rest... to spend time with church and family.   "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." 

               BUSINESS HOURS:  Monday thru Saturday-  9:30ish (after morning chores) to 8 pm                                                                                                                   

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