MIMOSA ~ ON HOLD ($1,000)

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~ON HOLD~ MIMOSA is a confident & spunky little thing that thinks she is my shadow. She is a BEAUTIFUL true black & white thick smooth coat. She will love to be someones forever companion! I think she is just gorgeous!

Her parents, Molly and Max, can be seen on the Planned Litters page.

She is available Sept 16th.

PET PUPPIES will receive their AKC Registration once a spay/neuter procedure is complete and paperwork is provided. Also verbal confirmation from your vet is required.

Contact Information Name: suze
Phone: 405.227.8379
Email: suze_okc@yahoo.com
Addition Information Type: Available
Category: Available
Phone Number:  405.227.8379
Birthdate:  7-21-2017