Jubilee Jacks Policies/Sales Contract


*This must be signed before a sale is made*

                          We DO NOT sell puppies to pet stores, brokers, buying agents, puppy mills                              or people involved in dog fighting!!!

 Jubilee Jack puppies are sold with PET Registration, unless other wise noted. And great care is taken in consideration of the placement of one of our beloved babies. 

Puppies are priced at $900. unless otherwise noted.

Puppy Registrations will not be handed out until proof of spay/neuter paperwork is provided, by a licensed vet, and verbal contact is approved. 

       When a Pup/Dog is Sold at a Discounted Price... Registration Papers         Are "NOT" Included

We reserve the right to refuse any sale if we feel the correct conditions are not present in the prospective home.


We require a deposit of $250. to hold the puppy of your choice. A puppy will not be held without the deposit being paid. The balance on the puppy (& shipping if applicable) is due when the puppy is 7 weeks old. Deposits can be transferred to another littler if your circumstances change and you can not receive the puppy at the arranged time.

We accept cash, bank wire, credit card and eCheck through Pay Pal (please add the 3% service chg).

If you have "not" made arrangements to receive your puppy at the end of a 2 week grace period past the date of availability, we will make the puppy open for re-sale.


Shipping in the US is available for an additional fee. See "Shipping" tab. 


We, the BREEDER, guarantees for 1 year against major genetic defects that would affect the quality of life for the dog.

For the guarantee to be honored you MUST have the puppy checked by a veterinarian within 4 days after receiving it. If you choose not to have the puppy checked within the time allotted, the guarantee is NULL & VOID.

** If the puppy is found to be unsound due to a major genetic defect, you must notify us within 48 hours. And your licensed vet must contact our vets at Rose Rock Veterinarian Hospital & Pet Resort @ 405.321.3361 Or  Ellis & Bellinger Veterinary Services @ 405.275.6498, also within 48 hours. Then proof of vet exam and findings must be sent in writing from the examining vet. The unsound puppy must be returned to us, the BREEDER, and we will refund the purchase price of said puppy or plan an exchange from a future litter. We, the BREEDER, will be responsible for the return costs.

Minor problems such as diarrhea, giardia, cocciddosis, and wormy stool are common in puppies and will not be covered in this guarantee. Although we, the BREEDER, will do our very best to keep these from our puppies.

We, the BREEDER, have provided everything possible to produce and raise the puppies in a healthy and sound environment in regards to diet, socialization, exercise & veterinarian care.

We, the BREEDER, Can Not guarantee that your puppy will be show quality in size, color, coat type, sissor bite, ear set and conformation when fully grown. However we can give you, the BUYER, a good idea about these traits by looking at the parents and their lineage.

** Once the puppy leaves our facility you, the BUYER, are responsible for keeping it's health in good condition by providing standard puppy and adult vet exams, vaccinations, de-worming, and any other procedures necessary.

We, the BREEDER, can offer no further guarantee or liability for any injury or illness once the puppy is no longer in our care.

You, the BUYER, agrees that if at anytime you can not care for the puppy due to changing circumstances, we, the BREEDER, will take the puppy back, if we are under our licensed number of dogs, or assist you in finding a new suitable home for the puppy. If we re-sell your pup we "may" refund the re-sale price to you, depending on the circumstances. ** NEVER is it to be taken to a shelter.

You, the BUYER, guarantees that you are not a purchasing agent, a pet store, or associated with a puppy mill!

You, the BUYER, understands and accepts the terms and conditions presented in this contract. And by signing this makes it a binding contract.



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