* * We NO LONGER do business on SUNDAYS * *

 it is our day to rest... to spend time with church and family. "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." 

BUSINESS HOURS:  Monday thru Saturday-  9:30ish (after morning chores) to 8 pm

Please read the "Contract Page" to see our POLICIES/SALES CONTRACT

A "signed contract" is required before purchasing a puppy.



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We love our puppies VERY much and care about their welfare!! When I say (verbally), "If anything comes up that is an issue or concern with the puppy, please let me know and we will help take care of it."... that means we will give advice as we know it, we will give direction as to what steps should be taken and we will be supportive to the owner during the process. It does not mean that we will blanketly take the puppy back and make full reimbursement. We will follow the procedure outlined in our Policies/Sales Contract.



 "PET PUPPY" registrations/pedigrees will notbe handed out until proof of spay/neuter paperwork is provided,

by a licensed vet, and verification from the vet is allowed.





All of our dogs are licensed in the city of Norman, given flee/tick & Heart Worm meds monthly, and are current on annual immunizations, Bordetella and Rabies vaccinations.

Also, all of our dogs have been tested for PLL, an eye disease that is showing up in certain breeds, and SCA, a newer muscle disease.

We, Kelvin & I, love our dogs... and every dog is part of our family. The females are monitored closely; sleeping & whelping every litter in our bedroom. With the girls the 1st heat cycle is skipped alloying them to mature more before becoming momma’s. If there is any kind of problem or concern with a momma, we will skip the next heat cycle. If all goes well and momma is very healthy and strong, we look at breeding her the next cycle again. We will allow 2 litters in a row, then skip a heat cycle; 2 litters in a row, then skip a heat cycle and so on. When a girl has difficulties whelping or she is not a “sturdy” momma we will spay her and place her in a pet home, to love and be loved, forever.

Our puppies come with a micro-chip already in place


    PET PUPPIES are $900.  

  * * * "Some Lines May BMore...* * *

   Puppies with small defects will be less

                                                              A $250. DEPOSIT WILL HOLD A PUP.   *A pup will NOT be held until the deposit is paid*                                                                          


 All of our puppies are very socialized and ready to adapt to “wonderful”  forever families! No one will be short on... lovin’, kissin’ & gettin’ ... tons of affection!!!                                         






You Pick up - We invite everyone to our home to pick up the newest member of their family. We LOVE to meet the new families whenever possible, but we know that driving to pickup your new puppy can be hard and sometimes take hours and/or days. If you can drive, you and your family are welcome to come visit.

Rendezvous - We also are willing to meet you part way to make the trip a little easier on you if you will pay for our gas, and it works out with our schedule.

Shipping Via Air

We ship only in the continental 48 states of the USA, to the nearest major airport of your choice. When shipping it is important to remember that the temperature's must meet airline guide lines.

Shipping by air is safe. The puppy is placed in a climate-controlled compartment with heat/air. Each puppy starts his/her trip at Oklahoma City Airport usually. We try to find flights with the least number of lay-overs and the shortest lay-over times whenever possible, so we actually look at DFW, Tulsa and Wichita Airports also. We will not ship any puppy under 8 weeks of age. If the puppy is very tiny, we usually ship a few weeks later (10-11 wks old). This is for the safety, health, and well-being of the puppy. Remember to be at the airport early to pick up your new puppy! Flights may arrive early and your puppy is excited to meet his/her new Mom and Dad!

There is a fee for shipping via Air at the purchaser's expense. Unfortunately airline fees have gone up in 2014 to ship live animals. This fee, as of March 1st, 2015, is between $350.-$400. depending on which airline is used and how big the pup is. This covers the actual costs for the airfare, a travel crate that you keep and the required State Health Certificate from a vet. The price could be more when shipping 2 pups together, or when shipping an adult dog.

You fly and carry your new puppy on as a carry-on in the approved travel case; setting him/her under the seat in front of you. Many people have free air-miles available for a trip and would only have to pay for the pup, which runs between $90.-$125., again, depending on which airline is used.

Please contact us for more details about any of these options.

405.227.8379 cell                                                                                                                     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it