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it is our day to rest.

And spend time with church and family. "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy." * *







                                         Bella with a treat at Tinker Air Force Base




Nic__Charley_Feb_2012 Nic & the US Polo Team love Charley in FL.                                                           




A match made in heaven...

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lila, a very shy girl, loves her new owner Cassidy!



Finnegan graduates Obedience Class in NY...

and he is DEAF! Finn_Graduation_Pic

Hi Sue, Finnegan is doing GREAT, he is just the love of my life,  he is just a very funny and happy dog.  He just makes your day when you come home from work, always making us laugh with his silly attitude. Shamus is also a wonderful dog and Mary just loves him.   ~Paddy

Shamus__girls_2011 Cousin Shamus is in NY too.                                                          


  Libby_at_work_w-Ken_3-21-13 Libby at work with Ken in NV            



Samuel-_Cuddle_boys_3-2013 Sue & Kelvin, we want to thank you for all the effort, care & love you extended so we could have Samuel. He is bringing so much JOY to us.

You truly prove J.O.Y. = Jesus, Others, Yourself.... really. You have a standard of excellence & integrity.

Thank you, Clay & Robin

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4 retired momma's with 2 families in MO. Heards__Cores_and_4_dogs

Merry, Pearl, Zolie & Gabby.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


Roo at work with mom in FL. Roo_at_work_2-17-12





                                                                        Miss Shorty Pants is a model... and childrens character in: "THE TAILS OF ABBYGAIL" - check out www.weloveabby.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Lillee & Starr "watching" THE TAILS OF ABBYGAIL! 


Jerry_Jr.__Peyton_hunting Peyton "loves" the outdoors in GA!!                                                                                            

 She has a natural... or unnatural compassion for others.





Chloe__baby_2012                   Tilly enjoys the ride in the sun in North Andover.                     




Ms. Jewels went from being a tom boy to becoming a girly girl with Steffany in Durant. 



                                                                                                                                           Dakota is just watchin' TV with dad (Jorge) in SC 



       Sarah loves her new baby, Dinah in IL                                       



Skeet meets his new sibling Starrs_boy_Spencer_01-2012




HI Sue,  I want to send you a picture of our babies. Andrew and I love them so much, they are very precious and mean the world to us. Troy is so funny. He has the craziest personality and we laugh at him all the time. Truly is so spunky. She is very independent and loves to explore and chase the birds, butterflies, or anything outdoors.

We just want to thank you for loving the dogs as much as we do. I know you care for all of them very much. I know we will be doing more business with you guys in the future.

Candi and Andrew



 Dee loves living in CT with Regina




Gracie playing with the grandkids in CO




                                                In MO new little sister, Margie, is not quite sure that big sister, Betty, knows what to do in this white stuff!!  




Miss_Sally_Spots        Sally_Spots_and_granddaughter_6-16-12       Sally_Spot_graduates_obedience_class_9-21-12

Miss Sally Spots leads a very active life keeping up with a grand-daughter. Every little girl "needs" a Russell Terrier!!




Life can't get any sweeter for little M & M with the Greenway family in MD



Tuff_with_dad_at_work_2009                                          Tucker_in_Spokane

Little Tuff is a girl out of Lillee that                                                                          Tucker in Spokane was in the frist litter out of Trixie by Bo

goes to work with dad.



Roper_relaxing Roper relaxes with Julia and kids in Rolling Fork, MS


                                                                                                                                        Zolie_eats_corn_2011   Zolie learns to pick corn in MO. 




If I missed your picture or note please send it again and I will post it.

We love these families for loving our babies!